About Us

Daily Suvichar has one simple goal - make people feel good and motivated everyday. 

We identified a lack of good quality Hindi content, and wanted to create a digital platform for the 525 million native Hindi speakers in our country. We launched the Daily Suvichar Facebook page in 2016 as a portal of positivity where we share daily nuggets of inspiration with our readers. Today, Daily Suvichar is a verified Facebook community of over 1 million happy Indians! 

What we wear and use has a strong impact on how we feel, and evoke the same vibes to those around us. We want our products to make people feel happy and inspire them to be the best version of themselves, every day. With that in mind, every design that goes on our products are quirky and unique, specially created with content that is positive and motivational.


Positivity, motivation and happiness are the DNA of every piece of content on the Daily Suvichar Store, and we are determined to spread the good vibes!

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